• aspen studio | HARRY TEAGUE

    The first segment of a summer studio in Aspen divided between three different firms. The design problems employed a charrette style and used local sites chosen by the architects. The site we focused on with Harry is an existing park with a small fishing pond, and the Roaring Fork River beyond. The design problem challenged us to expose more of the features of the site to visitors through the design of a type of portal, promoting the transition between the built and natural environments. The intent of my project is to draw the user to the river using a singular element. A stone lintel marks the threshold and supplies spring water to a stone trough below. Water flows down the long trough, creating a trajectory parallel to a walking path. The end of the trough sinks into the river, where it is joined by other ‘stepping stones,’ allowing the visitor direct access to the water. [academic, 2013]